In May 2009, four Princesses, Dianna M. Caston, Dorothy J. Wood, Delcine M. Price, and Yvonne G. German, with their own funds, traveled to New York for Visitation with the Convent General, KYCH, at their National Conclave, under the leadership of Most Eminent Raymond T. Tucker.  The Convent General Officers and Members received the Princesses and treated them with Royalty.  The Princesses presented the Most Eminent Grand Master General with gifts, and brought Greetings.   It was the Princesses presence and show of support and dedication, that ignited the flame, where while at Visitation, a motion was presented and carried that the Convent General acknowledge, accept, and embrace, Princesses York Cross of Honour Membership throughout the United States of America.
On April 29, 2010, ten years after the formation of the Princesses York Cross of Honour, at The Convent General, Knights York Cross of Honour, United States of America, Prince Hall Affiliation, National Conclave, the presentation of Charters were given to Priorate Courts: Levi L. Rose Court No. 1, Illinois Jurisdiction, Sir Michael J. Steele Court #2, Tennessee Jurisdiction, and Tarheel Court #3, North Carolina Jurisdiction.
In September 2010, Phyllis McKoy Court #4,T New York Jurisdiction, was presented a Charter from the Convent General.  Princesses from the Jurisdiction of Washington, D.C., joined Phyllis McKoy Court #4. Princesses from the Jurisdiction of Florida, joined Tarheel Court #3, Jurisdiction of North Carolina. To date other Jurisdictions are currently under formation.
On Wednesday, September 7, 2011, at 8:10pm, twelve years to the date of the formation of the Princesses York Cross of Honour, our National Body was formed.
• Princess Yvonne G. German – Most Regal Grand Prioress                                                 Eminent Knight Leroy R. Gary - Grand Knight Advisor
• Princess Rubye Meeks – Right Regal Deputy Grand Prioress                                          Princess Kim Peterson - Right Regal Grand Princess Warder
• Princess Edwina Harris – Grand Princess Prelate                                                                       Princess Dorothy J. Wood – Grand Princess Herald
• Princess Robbie Pillow – Grand Princess Treasurer                                                                 Princess Denise King - Grand Princess Registrar                                                      
• Princess Dorothy Williams – Grand Princess First Lecturer                                              Princess Shirleyan Walker – Grand Princess Second Lecturer
• Princess LaTashja R. Mosby – Grand Princess Third Lecturer                                        Princess Sylvia J. Williams – Grand Princess Fourth Lecturer
• Princess Wilma Johnson – Grand Assistant Registrar                                                           Princess Clara K. Jackson-Wright – Grand Instructor / Orator
In May 2015, an Adoption Ceremony was held between the Convent General, KYCH, USA, PHA, and Tucker-Coffee Grand Court, PYCH, USA, PHA.  The Knights and Princesses from all across the United States participated in the National and Jurisdictional Adoption Ceremony.  The event was indeed a beautiful.  
Our National Body was named after The Late Most Eminent Knight Raymond T. Tucker, PMEGMG, Illinois Jurisdiction, and The Late Most Eminent Knight Adlai S. Coffee, PMEGMG, Tennessee Jurisdiction.  These great men worked hard for the Prince Hall Masonic Family, and extra hard for the Princesses York Cross of Honour. Both of them paved the way for the formation of our new  National Body. How befitting that the Princesses agreed to name our National Body after these two great men.