The PYCH or “Princesses York Cross of Honour”, known as the Priorate, is held in the same esteem as the Priory.  Only those who have been elected and has served and completed the following Presiding Officers Stations, upon receiving an Invitation, are then eligible to become a member of the Princesses York Cross of Honour.
Most Ancient Matron (Heroines of Jericho)
Worthy Matron (Order of the Eastern Star)
Royal Perfect Matron (Ladies of the Circle of Perfection)
Princess Captain / Princess Commandress (Heroines Templar Crusades / Cyrene’s)
Levi L. Rose Priorate #1, was the first PYCH Priorate Court to be established in the United States and abroad.  On September 7, 1999, Yvonne G. German submitted a letter of petition to then Eminent Prior Charles M. Jones, Jr., and then Grand Master MW Bro. Willie B. Evans, Sr., requesting to form the Princesses York Cross of Honour.  The Grand Master and Knights requested research pertaining to the women of these Houses.  Sis. German proceeded to obtain much research, along with the names of eligible ladies, and then presented to the Grand Master and Knights, after which, her request was granted. 
On March 9, 2000, Levi L. Rose Priorate #1 was officially formed, and the following Ladies were appointed Offices, obligated, and became the first Princesses York Cross of Honour in the world.  They were:
Ethel M. Jones, Eminent Prioress
Yvonne G. German, Deputy Prioress
Dorothy J. Wood, Warder
Emily R. McClendon, Treasurer
Shirleyan Walker, Registrar.
Together with the assistance of Eminent Charles M. Jones, Jr., 33*, Knight Elmer S. Redd, 33*, Deputy Prior, and MW Bro. Willie B. Evans, Sr., they formulated the Constitution, By-Laws, and Ritual for this Order. 
On Friday, April 28, 2000, at 7:00 pm, at Prince Hall Grand Lodge, 809 E. 42nd Place, Chicago, Illinois, a formal Ceremony was held, Chartering Levi L. Rose, Priorate #1, Princesses York Cross of Honour, State of Illinois. The following Ladies were also Inducted that evening and given the following appointments:
Sisters:  Doretha Tarleton, 1st Grand Lecturer
Norma C. Reid, 2nd Grand Lecturer.
These seven Princesses were deemed as the “The Starting Seven - Organizers”
At that time the Convent General, USA, Inc., PHA, was not formed.  Levi L. Rose Priorate Court #1, PYCH, was under the umbrella of the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge, F. & A. M., State Of Illinois, and It's Jurisdiction, and John W. Thompson, Jr., Priory #3, Illinois Jurisdiction.
The Illinois Jurisdiction Priorate Court was named after the 33rd Grand Master of the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Illinois, The Late Most Worshipful Brother Levi L. Rose, 33*.  Brother Rose was a very influential Mason within the Illinois Jurisdiction who thoroughly supported the progress of Masonic ideals across the various Masonic bodies within the state.
The Organization of PYCH became widely known throughout the United States.  Illinois was the only state that had a PYCH Court, and Ladies throughout the various Jurisdictions requested membership within Levi L. Rose Priorate #1. 
In July 2005, at Prince Hall Masonic Temple, 809 E. 42nd Street, Chicago, IL, in the 2nd floor Dining Hall, twenty-two (22) Ladies from the New York Jurisdiction, were Inducted, and formed Phyllis McKoy Court.  In July 2006, Ladies from the Tennessee Jurisdiction were Inducted, July 2008, Ladies from the Jurisdiction of North Carolina were also Inducted, becoming Levi L. Rose Court #1.  While members of Levi L. Rose Court #1, Princesses Rubye Meeks of TN, and Kim Peterson of NC, worked hard to develop the membership in their Jurisdictions in order to form a PYCH Court.