The Illinois Jurisdiction Priorate Court was named after the 33rd Grand Master of the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Illinois, The Late Most Worshipful Brother Levi L. Rose, 33*. Brother Rose was a very influential Mason within the Illinois Jurisdiction who thoroughly supported the progress of Masonic ideals across the various Masonic bodies within the state.

As PYCH became more known throughout the Jurisdictions, many Sisters became members of Levi L. Rose Priorate #1, so that they could grow and build a foundation to form a Court within their Jurisdiction. In July 2005, Sisters from the New York Jurisdiction became members. In July 2006, Sisters from the Tennessee Jurisdiction became members. In July 2008, Sisters from the Jurisdiction of North Carolina became members of Levi L. Rose Court #1. While members of Levi L. Rose Court #1, Princesses Rubye Meeks of TN, and Kim Peterson of NC, worked hard to develop the membership in their Jurisdictions in order to form PYCH Courts.
In May of 2009, four (4) Princesses, Yvonne G. German, Dorothy J. Wood, Dianna M. Caston, and Delcine M. Price, traveled to Syracuse, NY, for a visitation with then Most Eminent Grand Master General Raymond T. Tucker.  The Princesses were received by the Convent General membership.  It was at this Conclave that the Knights agreed to accept the Princesses and the Organization known as P. Y. C. H.  These four Princesses would become known as “The Faithful Four”, who paved the way for the continued growth of P. Y. C. H., which inspired the Courts being Chartered by the Convent General, which led to the formation of the National Body.

On April 29, 2010, ten years after the formation of the Princesses York Cross of Honour, The Convent General, Knights York Cross of Honour, Prince Hall Affiliation, USA, Inc., under the leadership of Most Eminent Adlai S. Coffee, then Grand Master General, presented Charters to the Priorate Courts of:  Levi L. Rose Court No. 1, Illinois Jurisdiction, Sir Michael J. Steele Court #2, Tennessee Jurisdiction, and Tarheel Court #3, North Carolina Jurisdiction.

In September 2010, Phyllis McKoy Court #4, New York Jurisdiction, was presented a Charter from the Convent General.  Princesses from the Jurisdiction of Washington, D.C., joined Phyllis McKoy Court #4.  Princesses from the Jurisdiction of Florida and Pennsylvania joined Tarheel Court #3, Jurisdiction of North Carolina.