To:  Most Eminent John A Robinson, Sr., Most Eminent Grand Master General,
Eminent Knight Robert Q. Gary,Sr., Grand Knight Advisor, Past and Present Elected and Appointed Grand Court Officers and Members, Regal Prioresses, Knight Advisors, Members of Subordinate Courts:


I am humbled and grateful as I stand before you today as the 5th Most Regal Grand
Prioress of Tucker-Coffee Grand Court, Princesses York Cross of Honour, United States of America Inc., Prince Hall Affiliation. My journey of 21 years began in 1999 as one of the organizing members of Levi L. Rose Court #1, Princesses York Cross of Honour.

In 2005, I was elected to serve as the 3rd Regal Prioress, and under my administration, with permission from Knight Elmer S. Redd, Eminent Prior, John W. Thompson, Jr. Priory #3, Knights York Cross of Honor and Most Worshipful Jerry (Iceman) Butler, Grand Master of Prince Hall Masons, State of Illinois, ladies from the Jurisdictions of Tennessee and New York traveled to Chicago for induction as members of Levi L. Rose #1. Thank you to the late Charles M. Jones Jr., Eminent Prior, John W. Thompson, Jr. Priory #3 and the late Most Worshipful Willie B. Evans, Sr., Grand Master of Prince Hall Masons, State of Illinois for allowing a vision to become a reality.  

I accept this Office of "Highest Honor" with my sincere appreciation to the Members of Levi L. Rose #1, Princess Yvonne G. German, Past Most Regal Grand Prioress, Eminent Knight Leroy R. Gary, Past Grand Knight Advisor, Princess Edwina Harris,
Past Most Regal Grand Prioress, Eminent Knight Ronald E. Pillow, Past Grand Knight Advisor, Princess Dianna M. Caston, Princess Robbie R. Pillow, Princess Jeanette D. Gary thank you for your encouragement and support in my travels to reach the East in Tucker-Coffee Grand Court. Thanks to the Past and Present Elected and Appointed Grand Court Officers and Members of Tucker-Coffee Grand Court for all of your support.

To the Elected and Appointed Grand Court Officers, Committee Members, Members, Regal Prioresses, Knight Advisors, Officers and Members of Subordinate Courts, I look forward to working together in unity, peace, and love. I ask that we join hands to move Tucker-Coffee Grand Court to a higher height of "Upward Mobility" Yes! we can do this if we work together for the good of the organization.  Princesses please contact me with your preference if you would like to work on one
of the committees.
Theme: “Building on the Past to ensure Future Success”
Motto: Set, Meet, and Exceed                            Songs: ‘Order My Steps’
Scripture: Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your Plans.  -  Proverbs 16:3
Pr. Dorothy J. Wood
Most Regal Grand Prioress Grand Registrar